17 December 2021

Whitianga - We have lift off

This is Part 2 of my coverage of Barrier Air's inaugural service between Auckland and Whitianga. This focuses on the first outbound flight, GB 402 to Auckland

Barrier Air's latest Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, ZK-SDE at Whitianga on 16 December 2021

The check in at Whitianga...

The whole day I found Barrier Air's staff so happy and obliging... they clearly have a good team spirit.

Pilot for the inaugural services and Barrier Air's CEO Grant Bacon... Grant told me, "I actually shed a tear when the aircraft landed and went through the water salute. It has just been such a tough year I didn’t know if it would actually happen." Despite the challenges of 2021 Barrier Air has broken through the barriers!

Auckland staff supervising and showing the new Whitianga staff the ropes.

The GPS showing the standard instrument departure

Lining up Runway 22 at Whitianga

A skiff of rain on departure as we climb out of Whitianga towards Mercury Bay

Whitianga Airport

Cooks Beach

Light and dark in the very atmospheric weather

Mahurangi Island and Hahei Beach

Looking over Opiti Bay on the left

Matarangi Beach

Our GPS track to Auckland via Hook until we were given clearance t track direct

Ponui Island with Waiheke Island in the background

Waiheke Channel between Ponui and Waiheke Islands

Ponui Island w ith the Ruthe Channel and Rotoroa Island above 

Coming up on Auckland looking over Howick

Ardmore airport out to the left

On the ILS for 23

Runway 23 in a shower of rain

Puhinui Interchange - forget light rail to the airport - heavy rail from here! 

The camera wanted to focus on the rain on the window 

Another Barrier Air Cessna Caravan comes out to watch the arrival of the first flight from Whitianga

Barrier Air announce the arrival flight GB402, the first flight from Whitianga

ZK-SDE enjoying the sun before flying to Hawera and then doing the afternoon flight to Whitianga

 Congratulations to Grant and the Barrier Air team
A big thanks to Daryl and all the ground staff

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