23 January 2022

GMN on the 15th and 16th

My last spotting on the West Coast was at Greymouth...

Tecnam P92 Echo Classic ZK-RGA at Greymouth on 15 January 2022

Cessna 182 ZK-VNE at Greymouth on 15 January 2022

Cessna 182 ZK-MGB at Greymouth on 16 January 2022

I just missed Sounds Air at Westport the following morning and there was nothing else there. Just before Kawatiri Junction I was overtaking a truck when I suddenly lost all acceleration. The car was still running and I managed to limp to Nelson - Mazda told me the car would have gone into "limp mode" to prevent any or further damage the engine. It turns out it was the fuel pump... and there are none in the country and won't be any till 31 January! So my car is still in Nelson and I had to fly home... $450 one way! So it turned out to be a rather expensive trip and I've still to fly back to Nelson to pick up the car! Turns out there is about to be a big Mazda recall on fuel pumps! Pity I wasn't told when the car went in for its service before Christmas.

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