21 May 2022

Final Departure

Air Chathams' first Convair 580, ZK-CIB, took to the air for the final time today flying from Auckland to its new home at the National Toy and Transport Museum in Wānaka. 

A big thanks to Alex Parker who caught it leaving the Air Chathams' Auckland ramp for the last time.


  1. Any idea why the ICAO A/C code for the Convair 580 is CVLT?

    1. Convair light transport is my guess

    2. CVLP (Convair Liner Piston) = CV240,340,440. CVLT (Convair Liner Turbine) = any turbine conversion of the aformentioned piston variant under STC. Remember that the CV580 is not an aircraft type in its own right, but an unofficial marketing name applied to CV340 and 440 aircraft with STC SA4-1100 installed, known "officially" as the Allison Prop-Jet Convair. All "CV580" aircraft actually retain their original CV340 or 440 model designation as per TCDS 6A6.

  2. See ODT coverage of arrival into WKA https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/wanaka/chathams-workhorse-flies-retirement