05 July 2023

Bell Air and Motiti Island


Someone last night posted a comment on the Bell Air profile that I "missed saying that Bell Air flew to Motiti Island in their 206."

I don't know anything about this so if the person who posted the comment or anyone else who knows anything about this please flick me an email to westland831@gmail.com

My profiles on the airlines are only as good as the info I've managed to glean from what sources I can find. Corrections and additions are always welcome.

My Bell Air profile can be found here : http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2010/02/bell-air-remembered.html

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  1. Hey it’s the person who sent the comment bell air started flying to Mōtītī back in the 70s don’t know the exact year but sometime back in that decade they flew there and my Koro flew them once but he said they were way more expensive than the other companies in Tauranga at the time so they eventually closed the route don’t know when that happened though but I know they used the 206 for the route and we’re the first ones to bring a 206 to the island they flew out of Whakatāne on this route