05 July 2023

VH-EKD in Auckland and a couple of others

A quick trip out to Auckland International today to record Air Chathams' third "new" Saab VH-EKD at Auckland on 5 July 2023

The three "new" Saabs, from left ZK-CIW and ZK-CIX behind and VH-EKD. Also in the photo withdrawn Metroliner ZK-CIC and Metro 23 ZK-POE which never entered service and Aero Commander 690 ZK-PVB. Photo taken at Auckland on 5 July 2023

As I walking to photograph the Saab Air Archipels' Beech Super King Air F-OIQM landed from Tahiti and Rarotonga so I was delighted to capture that on the taxi to Air Centre One at Auckland on 5 July 2023. The aircraft has now flown on to Hamilton

Airwork's Boeing 737-300 ZK-FXK was also at Auckland on 5 July 2023



  1. Awesome work Steve Good to see the Chatham's Fleet growing

  2. New King Air for GCH Aviation at CH !