26 October 2023

Air Chathams Bits and Pieces

I was out at the airport on Monday and caught Air Chathams' Aero Commander 690A ZK-PVB 

Aero Commander 690A ZK-PVB at Auckland on 23 October 2023

Outside Air Chathams hangar was ZK-CID. It did a test flight on the 17th of October having not flown for some time.

In the hangar was Saab 340A ZK-CIW, still in the Pel-Air scheme but with Air Chathams' titles. Something to watch for.


  1. When you say tiles is it the - Operated by Air Chathams LTD - one or acutal livery

  2. The www.airchathams.co.nz titles as on the other Saabs... Still in the Pel-Air colour scheme

    1. Oooh hopefully it wont be long till we see the new Saabs take flight