15 October 2023

History Updated - TEAL's Domestic Run


And your starter for 10... TEAL was known for being New Zealand's international airline, but what was its domestic service???

scroll down for the answer...

If you answered Wellington to the Chatham Islands you nailed it... Working on another post I found a couple of interesting articles from 1953 and 1954 - 70 years ago - which I have added to my post on TEAL's service to one of New Zealand's most interesting domestic destinations... The Chathams have been served with some really interesting types of the years... from the various types of flying boats, Bristol Freighters, Argosies, Cessna 337s and Convairs... With all due respect to Craig, Duane, Matt and the Air Chatham's team the ATR is not quite in the classic category!


  1. Air Chats ATR72s may not yet quite be classic but their Metroliners and Saabs certainly are. But the big one you missed is Mount Cook's HS748s.

  2. A Saab 340 is hardly classic. Still heaps of them around.

    The Metros days in NZ are very limited

  3. The 748s might be exotic now... but at the time they were operated to the Chathams they were common across NZ. Similarly for the Metros... Air Nelson, Eagle Air and NZ Post were operating them about the same time as when used on the Chats run. Saab 340s are also relatively common.