23 November 2023

ZK-TXA Post Script


On the 9th of November 2023 ZK-TXA flew to Brisbane as TEXEL 44 and at that time was led to  understand that it will be operating freighter services in Australia.

And that is exactly what happened... On the 13th it operated Brisbane-Sydney as TEXEL 201 with a scheduled departure of 11.00pm. It then departed Sydney for Melboure with a scheduled departure of 1.45am as TEXEL 202 before returning direct to Brisbane as TEXEL 203 with a departure time of 4.00am. These flights operate Monday to Friday.


  1. Texel have won the TOLL contract off Airwork. Perhaps a proof of concept?

  2. Nah, its "Team Air" , not "Texel" for the callsign.

    1. Aussie ops is Team Air, NZ ops is Texel. That's what it says on the filed ATC flight plan

    2. ah gotcha got confused lol thought it was like " Toll Express" or was that changed under the redo?