11 May 2011

air2there Chieftain Makes Nose-Wheel Up Landing

A full emergency was called at Nelson Airport this afternoon after a Piper Chieftain aircraft had trouble landing. Two experienced pilots on a test flight managed an emergency landing "perfectly'', management said. The twin engine aircraft operated by regional New Zealand airline Air2There reported problems with nose gear just before 1pm today, and made an emergency landing at Nelson Airport, airline manager Richard Baldwin said. The aircraft scraped a couple of hundred metres down the runway on its nose, but damage appeared to be restricted to badly bent propellers. The aircraft eventually came to a stop in a nose-dive position. The airport's main runway was closed for an hour while the aircraft was moved and the runway inspected. Mr Baldwin praised the two pilots, saying they handled the situation perfectly. "I gather from them they noticed an issue with the nose wheel,'' he said. Nelson, Motueka, Stoke and Richmond fire services as well as St John Ambulance attended the scene. The plane landed safely at 1.06pm.

For a good picture of ZK-MYS check out the source : http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4989684/Emergency-drama-at-Nelson-Airport

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