26 May 2011

Record Number of Commercial Flight to Wellington

Following Mike Condon's post last week on record numbers for NAC through Christchurch
http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2011/05/record-numbers.html here is another record setting day for Wellington for Christmas Eve 1938!

A record for the number of commercial aircraft using a New Zealand aerodrome in one day will probably be established at Rongotai, Wellington, next Saturday. The Christmas bookings are so heavy this year that many extra trips between Wellington and other centres will be necessary to cope with the passenger traffic offering. So far, 21 Cook Strait Airways machines are scheduled to arrive at Rongotai on Saturday and 21 are scheduled to depart. In addition, Union Airways will have five Lockheed Electras arriving and five departing. This will mean a total of 52 airliners arriving at and departing from Rongatai. Between them the aircraft will carry more than 352 passengers.

Source : NZ Herald, 21 December 1938

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