24 November 2011

At Hastings and Napier

The aircraft I was hoping to see the most at Bridge Pa was Air Chathams' Cessna 206 ZK-KAI all ready to fly home... Unfortunately it wasn't. I caught a glimpse of it in a hangar at Hawkes Bay Aviation.

Hughes 269C ZK-IKS at Hastings on 23 November 2011. Photo : S Lowe
Cessna 172 ZK-JKA at Hastings on 23 November 2011. Photo : S Lowe
Meanwhile, over at Napier... 

Piper Malibu ZK-MPG wasn't very considerate in the way he parked.
Photo taken at Napier on 23 November 2011 by S Lowe
The amount of twin activity between Gisborne and Napier is fascinating... Sunair flew their Aztec up and back, Air Napier did their courier runs and then later flew their Navajo up with a full load... and Air Gisborne flew their Senenca ZK-SFC down to Napier for the day. Photo taken at Napier on 23 November 2011 by S Lowe

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