10 November 2011

Fiji - 1988

As I continue to scan my negatives into the computer I came across these photos of a 1988 trip I made to Fiji, which was spent on a couple of resorts. As such it was mainly Turtle Airways' Cessna 206s I saw...

Cessna TU206G DQ-FDB was ex New Zealand ZK-EKI. Photo taken at Nadi Bay by on 24 September 1988 by S Lowe
In the hangar for maintenance was Cessna TU206G DQ-FDU. Photo taken at Nadi Bay on 24 September 1988 by S Lowe
Cessna U206G DQ-FEM at Mana Island on 26 September 1988. Photo taken by S Lowe
Cessna U206G DQ-FCZ at Club Natasi on 30 September 1988. Photo taken by S Lowe
Waiting for the ride home and a desperation shot of Riley Heron DQ-FEE. Photo taken at Nadi on 2 October 1988. Photo : S Lowe


  1. Hi Steve; Want some interesting background? I flew Turtle from
    Oct 86 to Apr 1989. I know these planes. I dead-sticked FDU
    4 days into my tour cause Chief Pilot didn't wanna do a flt test after an engine cooler MOD; went STRAIGHT South. I shuda gone back to YYZ. FEM brot in from USA via SFO HNL then a serious prob. Lost an ALT belt or something, then POLY-SHINE on Fuselage cause lack of Reception for HF radio. (who knew) He almost missed Easter (or something)?? Glad I flew CANADA's BUSH; both coast. Icebergs in Labrador!! BEWARE....
    I'd have to thk about what happened. Then Colin Drew's wife was killed in Heron Crash Dec 27, 86. NO ONE TELLS THE TRUTH!
    Sent reply to trp2448@gmail.com. I ll never find ur web again??!!??

  2. Then the Aztec PA-23 crash at Malolo; Plantation Village. No 1 knows, I 800 know. I was there with my C-206 before the Aztec sank. I m on the wing, open the pax door. Dave's brother in law was pax. I said get the FU*K out in get in my plane b4 you drown!! Dave ask a question; "ARE WE STILL ALIVE??". Yes, cause I am here tryin' to rescue here.... Why it CRASHED?? I know exactly why they crashed, they were my friends in Nadi.

  3. Dairy Queen - Fox Chuck ZULUCAT was best in our fleet. Rob STOL and HOT as SH&T. That became my 'STEADY'.... Nice Floater....

  4. Sorry; Dave n Chris didnt crash cause they were my friends in Nadi. I know why they crashed cause they told a story and Jaime O'donnel (his mom owns MAMA'S Pizza Nadi Town) was a wrench at Sunflower, also a friend of mine.....Everything is hidden behind the scenes.

  5. This report was a very close personal friend of mine; John Holcomb. He was a year younger than me but trained me on FLOATS. In HIND-SIGHT he was like MAVERICK in Top Gun; "We can do AnyThing". I need a yr to tell all our stories. BUT, BUT !! He was Chef at Air Niagra in YYZ, flyin' a desk. A trip shows up on the brd, CHEF says thats MINE. Him an 1 PAX. CAUSE WHY. His wife was the daughter of our hometown airport at Orillia and she still works for her dad. Half-owner Cliff Lewis with Harry Sterk. John only sees Cindy on the weekends and, BIG F&CKin AND; she is 7 months pregnant. John had a C-340 Riley with Tuned exhaust; "Wheels in Well from Orillia to Buttonville YKZ in 18 minutes" that baby moved. Anyway, John pulls RANK, grabs the flt in the Citation cause he can WAVE to his wife. He called b4 so she new he was enrte. Calls the Co radio to tell her to go outside the office and wave. He has the 500 at 348 KTS goin' downhill, along the grass runway. Cindy is outside the office wavin at him. The pax sittin up frt too. John puls VERTICLE G's to impress Cindy, maybe a Head-Hammer. But, the High nose Att and wings F&CK the air flow thru the engines. As GOOSE said in Top Gun (wrong order) Engine 2 is OUT, engine 1 is OUT. (Editors??) John 'Flamed-Out' both vaginas. U know VMC / Blue Line. Lost it, got 1 restarted then rolled it over. NTSB found a Rolex ans a Wedding Ring. Wife 7 months is watching!!!! Please dont talk to me about 'I dont Know'.... NTSB dont know these guys....

  6. https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19840926-0

  7. Another close friend; Ray Vanamelsfoord. But his sister told me he was not being promoted, he was changing companies to NORONTAIR.... Captain Twin Otter then Dash-8. The wing breaks on your DC-3???? F&CKO(F) build stronger airplanes

  8. Then I loose Howard Mercer; 1985 Otter and Michaela Hickey; B-90 King 1984.

  9. Where did you lose Otter and Michaela Hickey in 1985?