13 November 2011

Raglan's Black Sands Fly In

There were no black sands this year - it was high tide...
...but the skies were pretty black.
However, on my first trip to the Black Sands Fly In I was more than impressed and got quite a raft of new pictures... All photos taken at Raglan on 12 November 2011 by S Lowe

Jabiru SK80, ZK-CEN
Another Jabiru, Jabiru J200 ZK-CHW
And yet another, Jabiru UL-T ZK-CJP
Busily flying was Avid Aircraft Magnum ZK-CLC
The only twin present was Colomban Cri Cri MC-15 ZK-CRI
An old faithful, Jodel D11 ZK-DYB
Aptly registered Europa XS ZK-EPA
Zenair CH701 SP ZK-ESY
Cli-mate 100 ZK-EZY... I had never even heard of this type before!
Flight Design CTLS times two... ZK-FDB and ZK-FDC

Piper Pa22 Tripacer ZK-FJD had been evading me for some time...
Cvjetkovic CA-65 ZK-FNY... just how do you say the manufacturers name?
Canadian Home Rotors Safari ZK-HXJ
My first Jodel D18 photo, ZK-JAC
Cessna 180 ZK-KRM

I hate covers... Jodel D11, ZK-KSD

Thorp S-18T ZK-MBY... not what I would call a pretty aircraft

Lancair 360 ZK-MHS
Another Jodel D11, ZK-MMB
Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar ZK-MPO
AutoGyro Europe Calidus Fern ZK-MZM
Philip Higgins' Vans RV-8 ZK-PJH... his folks lived around the corner from me in Hoki
Auto Flight Ltd Tandem Dominator ZK-RDH
I took my first photo of Wittman Tailwind W.8 ZK-RET in 1985 at Taieri
The latest incarnation of ZL-REX, as a Vans RV 7A
AutoGyro Europe MT03 Eagle ZK-RGG
A couple of Vans RV-4s - ZK-RVG and ZK-RVH

and another Vans RV-4, ZK-RVY
Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-SJS
Monnett Sonerai IILS ZK-SNW
Another new type for me... Fisher Dakota Hawk ZK-SOL
Vans RV-8 ZK-SST
Sport Copter Vortex ZK-TEW
Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 ZK-TNB
The only Corby CJ 1 Starlet there I didn't have, ZK-TNT

Tecnam P96 Golf ZK-TSC
and from the same stable Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-TZS
Zenith CH 601- XL ZK-XLI
A rather sad looking ATEC Zephyr ZK-ZFR

And this little caption on the tail plane of ZK-RDH sums up the day.

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