30 November 2011

Tweaking to Air New Zealand Link Wanaka and Hokitika Flights

Having found this little piece in the Otago Daily Times... Wanaka Airport remained critical to increasing visitor numbers and said it was disappointing Eagle Air had signalled a further reduction in daily services to one a day (http://www.odt.co.nz/your-town/wanaka/187747/wanaka-struggling-attract-tourists)... I did a bit of a search on the Air New Zealand website...

Wanaka is indeed moving towards just a single flight each day.
Hokitika remains largely the same, namely, two flights to and from Christchurch on Saturdays, three on Sundays and four on weekdays. The only change is that the Wednesday and Friday morning Q300 flights revert to a Beech 1900, so the Q300s are only doing two flights a week now on Monday mornings and Friday evenings.
There doesn't seem to be any major changes on other routes... and Masterton still only gets one a day!

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