20 June 2014

Trans-Tasman Changes

Qantas have announced rationalisation of its trans-Tasman services and the realignment of other flights by Jetstar…

The Qantas changes from the 26th of October
·         Cancellation of a daily Auckland-Melbourne service
·         Cancellation of a daily Auckland-Sydney service
·         Reduction of a daily Auckland-Brisbane service to five flights a week.
Qantas will operate 82 return flights (27,500 seats) a week during low season, but return to 98 weekly return services (33,000 seats) in the high season. The Qantas services are operated by New Zealand-based Jetconnect who crew eight Boeing 737-800s on the route. The crews are paid less than equivalent Australian workers.

The Jetstar changes from the 24th of August
·         Cancellation of the three-times-a-week Auckland-Adelaide service
·         Add six weekly Auckland-Melbourne services
·         Add a weekly Auckland-Sydney flight.
Jetstar will operate 51 weekly services (18,500 seats).

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  1. The Jetstar NZ crew are also paid less than their Australian counterparts, so the fact that Jetconnect pilots are paid less is not really a valid factor.