27 August 2014

Rotorua Q300 service

This is a follow-up to the news that Air NZ Link is going to increase its Q300 flights to Rotorua...

Just four months after the introduction of the larger 50-seat Q300 aircraft on the morning Auckland-Rotorua return schedule, Air New Zealand has announced the Q300 will also be added to the route’s afternoon schedule from 9 February 2015. The Q300 provides 31 more seats per flight than the smaller Beech 1900 aircraft - equivalent to a 30 per cent increase in passenger capacity, or 16,000 additional seats per year. From February the Q300 will fly to and from Rotorua twice daily on weekdays. Flights will leave Auckland at 8.35am and 4.25pm, and depart Rotorua at 9.35am and 5.40pm. Rotorua International Airport chief executive Alistair Rhodes said Q300 flights introduced in February had proven popular with travellers – particularly business travellers – prompting the addition of more capacity on the service. “The introduction of the Q300 aircraft on this key route not only means more seats on offer but more cheaper fare options available. “It’s an efficient and cost-effective schedule for locals and visitors alike and it means that business travellers in particular will be able to make a daily round-trip on the larger aircraft. “These schedule changes are significant and positive developments for Rotorua, making it even easier and more economical to get to and from Auckland for international connections, or travelling domestically for business or pleasure. “The airport, alongside its key stakeholders, partners and Air New Zealand, has been working hard to secure an afternoon flight with the Q300 and we are pleased to see that this development has come to fruition. It’s a real win for the region and the local economy,” said Mr Rhodes.

Source : http://www.rdc.govt.nz/our-council/news/Pages/default.aspx?newsItem=5317

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  1. Long time coming.... One step closer to the golden era of the 90s when Rotorua was the "Queenstown" with a choka airport... Mount Cook airlines HS748 Ansetts 146 and Q100 and Air NZs 737-200s filling the tarmac at lunch time...
    I remember Air NZ did a daily 737-200 flight to Auckland a very quick 15 min flight haha. Wont be long now till the twice weekly Sydney flights!
    Love this blog mate you do a great job :) Look forward to every post!
    Hey how hard would it be for a place like Rotorua to start its own airline like for exm.. Having a A320/321 based here and have it do international flights say twice a week, something like a Syd to Queenstown flight for the Skiers then a hop to Rotorua for a relax at the spa and a hearty hungi then a hop back home..? and do charters/domestic flights in between such as a CHC ROT flights etc...