08 August 2014

The Q300 koru... Which is your choice?

There has been a lot of comment about the fern on the tail of the Air Nelson Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEQ

Cowlesco has done some fantastic photo-shopping of my pic... Which do you think looks best???

Option 1 - NEQ as photographed at Auckland on 6 August 2014

Option 2 - mimics the size and position of the Koru on the current blue Pacific wave scheme.

Option 3 - Cowlesco's suggestion


  1. I agree with Steve and Scotty. Option 3. I can't believe they thought this looked best. Hopefully they revise it before doing the entire fleet.

  2. Option 2 is amazing

  3. Option 2. MUCH better. Can someone send this blog post to the folks at Air NZ?!

  4. KiwiRail had the same problem with their loco liveries, what looks good as a rendering sometimes comes off badly in real life. Do agree on 3, mainly the bigger Koru.