02 August 2016

A comment about blog readers and commentors

Can I begin by thanking all you who read the blog. The blog is for me a hobby. I try to keep it up to date and moderated as I am able.

Thank you especially to those who email me with news, photos and tip offs. This makes life a lot easier for me and keeps the blog up to date.

Thanks also to those who have emailed me about the blog and your airline interest. Among the blog readers are a whole range of airline people and a whole lot of armchair aviation enthusiasts like myself. One thing unites us... we all have a real interest in the development of the airline industry in New Zealand.

I also appreciate when people write comments. It is always good to get explanations, corrections, interesting or out there opinions on airline development or more information.

What I DON'T APPRECIATE is when comments are insulting towards others who comment or named individuals. I am deleting such comments.

Once again, thanks for reading the blog and thanks for reading this post.



  1. Yea guys Steve is right - we need to stop using the comment section like war grounds. You don't always have to be right about what you say but don't bite someone's head off just because you are arrogant and aren't open to other people who may in fact know more than you.

    Let's all try hard to keep it civilised and friendly :-)

  2. Steve, thanks for your efforts with this blog. Always a good read and great info

  3. I enjoy this blog very much...You also get mentions in mainstream media for quotes etc...well done.

    Have noticed a bit of argy bargy especially in the Invercargill Air NZ Cuts blog. Perhaps removing the "Anonymous" option would help?

  4. Good getting rid of the spamming, advertisers etc as well.

  5. I too enjoy the blog site very much to see the photo's and keep up to date with 'news' around the country. Well done Steve, great effort. cheers Paul D

  6. I agree with Steve's comments.

    This blog is a forum to discuss the ins and outs of NZ's aviation industry from the people who work within the aviation industry, the aviation enthusiasts and related industries like tourism.

    NZ tourism industry needs the Air NZ, Jetstar regional services, Soundsair, Air Chathams, Barrier Air and other local 3rd air carriers to get the tourist around the country, allowing tourists to see and enjoy NZ's scenery.

  7. Sorry to hear you've had problems with some comments; the blog doesn't deserve that. Apart from being interesting to read, this blog is compiling a wealth of information about part of New Zealand's business and social history. Thanks for all the effort you put in, and please keep it up.

    Andrew M

  8. Hey Steve I really do enjoy this blog a lot and do feel privileged that u have used some of my photos in the past. Just one mention is removing anonymous an option? That may help prevent some nasty remarks towards people