12 December 2018

Green Light for Norfolk Island Service

Direct Auckland-Norfolk Island Service To Start In September 2019

Air Chathams is happy to report they are well along the track in gaining the required approvals and permits to commence weekly passenger flights to Norfolk Island. 

“It’s important we advise and keep our travel partners in New Zealand and Norfolk Island up to date with current activity and likely launch dates” said Duane Emeny, General Manager. “We have the required approvals from Australian Home Affairs and ANZA approvals from the NZ CAA. This allows us to operate in Australian territory under equivalent New Zealand regulations. The Ministry of Transport in New Zealand is also to provide a license for a Single Aviation Market for flights direct to Norfolk Island from Auckland.”

Regular scheduled service is planned to commence in September 2019 to allow a sufficient marketing and promotion period to drive demand. As with all airlines entering a new international market, a lead-in period long enough to stimulate demand and fill passenger flights prior to commencement is essential. Air Chathams will be working with travel agencies and wholesalers in both New Zealand and Norfolk Island to achieve this.

To cater for direct flights and high demand prior to September 2019, Air Chathams will be providing special flights for Norfolk Island festivals and sporting events working alongside local travel companies and offering discounted fares on positioning sectors. 

The airline continues to be enthusiastic in opening this route and is also upgrading their reservations systems to provide a better online service and manage immigration and customs requirements.

This development is a significant undertaking and is expected to be live and operational by the end of March 2019. Air Chathams is always conscious of retaining and continuing the quality service and consistency their reputation is built on. 

Air Chathams anticipates sales for scheduled services on the new direct Auckland to Norfolk Island route to be available from April 2019.

For more information, please contact:

Adrian Ali, Commercial Manager
M: 021 580340
T: 0800 580127
E: adrian@airchathams.co.nz
W: www.airchathams.co.nz


  1. I assume their reservation sysyem upgrade will be more than cosmetic

  2. When's the ATR coming?