10 December 2018

No flights...

It seems no Originair flights were operated over the weekend for Originair despite the company's website showed full flights for Friday, Sunday and Monday. The website shows all flights are full for next weekend. Flights can be booked for flights from the 19th of December. 

It will be interesting to see whether Originair finds another operator, but their experience with the previous two operators may see them preferring gaining their own AOC. 


  1. Bad omen. Could this be the next one to be wound up?

  2. I don't think so... just the difficulty of getting a long term operator. Christmas flights will be busy, then quiet again I suspect till end of January... Hard to build a name in the market place with this going on however.

  3. The two inflite J32's are still sitting idle at Kapiti Coast Airport.
    Engineers were seen working on them weeks ago as they were supposed to have been flying shortly after but nothing has happened since

  4. Possibly working on getting JSH up and running for them as it's now listed to OriginAir instead of Air2there now. Possibly be the same for ECI, if it hasn't collected lots of dust from being left abandoned on the taxiway at PPQ. Very doubtful ECJ will fly again, pretty sure when i last looked at it, there were some parts missing that had gone to either of the other Jetstreams.

  5. Now 16th December and aircraft still sitting idle.
    Tried to book some flights around Christmas and they show either no flights or Sold Out. I wonder if thats true or they are using the old Air2There trick of showing full flights when in fact they are not flying !!