28 December 2018

Reading the Tea Leaves for Hamilton Airport...

I have had a few days reading the signs in the tea leaves over the aircraft movements at Hamilton over the last few days...

So flying past my home on Boxing Day was...

...so reading the tea leaves Sunair about to have a massive relaunch into Hamilton with direct flights to Wellington and Christchurch...

Meanwhile out at Hamilton tonight was Air Chathams' Saab 340 ZK-KRA...

...so reading the tea leaves as KRA used to fly in here regionally clearly Air Chathams are going to make Hamilton a major regional hub as it builds itself as New Zealand's regional airline

also out at Hamilton tonight was Airbus 320 ZK-OJD...

...so reading the tea leaves clearly Air New Zealand is about to reintroduce Hamilton-Auckland flights (where OJD was going) with Airbus 320s...
or is it international flights???

but then that's the problem of reading the tea leaves 
after pre dinner drinks
and before cooking West Coast whitebait for tea!


  1. Toooo much tonic.......

  2. LOL...But HLZ - CHC using A320s on busy days, that's entirely possible.

  3. I seriously think air chats could turn Hamilton into a regional hub. With some lucrative offers from the council. Nice it's entire base as well. Eagle airs hangers could do with a tenant!!

    1. Why? Air Chats already have a well established and good base at AKL. Why move base to a airport that they dont even fly too! The Chats base at AKL has plenty of room for them for time to come

    2. Exactly. KRA's operating company has now been struck off the Companies Register - but it issued over 2 million shares in its short life and clearly did not make money (a seven figure loss seems highly probable). How would basing any operation at Hamilton make it a "regional hub" of any use to Air Chathams or any of the locations it serves? Air Chathams in its December 2018 newsletter says: "We are beginning the process of installing a new booking platform and website for Air Chathams and hope to have everything operational and live by March 2019. This is a fairly complex process and large undertaking to give our customers greater choice in booking options and a better experience with us online. Pictured [in the newsletter] are Anishka Pereira and Vivian Directo-diaz from Travel Technology Interactive Asia (TTI) with Duane Emeny, Gray Tinley and Adrian Ali in our Auckland office. Anishka and Vivian were here for the first stage of the project, conducting an audit of Air Chathams requirements. Apparently they were quite bowled over by the team's charm and consideration for little things while they were here - we know it's just the Air Chathams way." Clearly they are going for seamless integration for their passengers - almost none of whom have any interest in Hamilton as a destination.

  4. This makes me physically upset that I didn’t notice either of these planes fly out on the 28th!