20 December 2018

Looking for Two Logos... Can you help???

I am working on a series of posts on the Ansett New Zealand franchise operators the flew under the Tranzair banner...

I 'm looking for two logos... 

When Ansett New Zealand adopted the Ansett Australia tail and script the Tranzair titles changed to something like this below... (this is something I pulled out of one of my aircraft photos but it is all skewed).

Does anyone have a letterhead, document, magazine etc with this script and from which they could do me a scan???

The other one I suspect will be more difficult. Astral Air Services were the Dornier agent in New Zealand and also ran for a short time an air service from Napier using three Dorniers.

Does anyone have an Astral Air Services logo on a letterhead, in a document or magazine etc from which they could do me a scan???

Many thanks for your help... Steve, westland831@gmail.com

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