07 May 2019

...and again

19th of June


  1. WHY.....???

    What's the whole point in having reservation and showing booked flights up until such date then to push out the start up date after start up date.... and where are they getting the cash from, the cash that's essentially preventing them from fully closing down...? 10 out of 10 for perseverance on origins behalf.... many would have said "f÷=k it..." "this is too hard let's close our airline down and save the hassle, embarrassment, reputation and the money"

    Just be some weird game they are playing that has people hooked on checking their website..... "Is origin taking bookings yet..." "hahaha look!!!" "They have pushed their date out AGAIN!!!"

  2. ^^ dude, you spend WAY to much time commenting / criticizing everyone. There's not much you don't have an opinion on!

    1. I'm extremely passionate about aviation in NZ and would love to see the likes of Origin fly and add some colour to our airport landscape, along with treating this website as bit of a forum and trying to get a conservation going and the above comment was tounge and cheek.
      All previous comments below eap regards Queenatown. They have all been discussing ideas and have been very promotive of the various airlines. I have never been anywhere negative nor anywhere near criticizing with the likes of previous comments made here by other posters over the years..
      Unfortunately context does get lost here so please give my one quote of a negative comment I have made in previous comments and I will let you know what I actually ment...

      Also read all the comments in the previous posts Steve has done regarding this topic Origin air... Just frustrated people who are wondering what Origin intentions are and what they could be doing better... after all... some of these people are past or want to be future customers and support this airline... But it's hard when this happens time and time again without any clear communication from the owner

  3. One reason they might keep the site running is that Origin Air also has brochures atc is so many hotels and information centres around the central North Island that it's easier to keep paying to keep the site going and keep their name in the community rather than risk losing all name recognition while they try and get off the air again.