23 May 2019

Remember scheduled Mu2 flights to Tauranga???

On 17 September 2019 I took Westpac Air Ambulance's Mitsubishi Mu2G ZK-KOH at Tauranga...

...and it reminded me of when Air Central operated Mu2s into Tauranga.

Mitsubishi Mu2G ZK-EKZ at Tauranga on 25 November 1982 

Mitsubishi Mu2G ZK-EON at Tauranga on 25 November 1982. 

The timetable at the time had two Mu2s on the ground at Tauranga at the same time as seen above 

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My only flight in a Mitsubishi Mu2G was in N671MA  (which became ZK-EKZ). It was on demonstration to Hokitika-based Westland Flying Services in December 1980 and I got to fly Hokitika-Greymouth-Hokitika it. It's STOL capability was ideal for Greymouth and being pressurised it was ideal for Westland FS's service to Christchurch. It handled Greymouth easily and climbed like the clappers!

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