04 May 2019

Dunedin on Thursday

I had just over an hour at Dunedin Airport on Thursday, 25 May 2019, before starting off home...

Surprise of the day was Air Chathams' Fairchild Metroliner III ZK-CIC 

ATR 72-500 ZK-MCU was taxiing out as a I arrived

Arriving into Dunedin was ATR 72-600 ZK-MVM, my ride to Wellington... This trip was the first time I had flown the WLG-DUD route, southbound in an A320 and northbound in the ATR

The only movement from Mainland Air was Cessna 152 ZK-NSM coming back from a training mission

Photo of the day was at last a decent shot of Jetstar's orange Airbus 320 VH-VGF


  1. For a town of 30 odd... Whakatane gets around doesn't it 😂😂 That little plane sure gets around!!

    Tell me Steve...

    Just how much/core business of Air Chats is charter vs schedual?? Out side of the whole being of Air Chats in its name sake... would charter work have to be its bread and butter so to speak and the three mainland routes just a $$ flow that ticks over... Cause I'm guessing charter work vs schedual would be a little like renting vs airbnb....

    Where is inflight fit into today's world of NZ aviation corporate/Charter services? With its fleet of J32s, Whanganui air seems to be getting more work with its beech regards to following MRC and seeing posts of them doing charter flights up north etc.

    Do they still exist?

    1. Those j32s are both in pp and unlikely to fly in the near future, if at all!

    2. Charter work Air Chattys bread and butter?! Ah no....

      The airlines core business is scheduled passenger flights and freight.

    3. ECI is used as a taxiway blocked now, so aircraft don't accidentally taxi to the air2there terminal (Which is being renovated by the looks of it when i was there on Friday) and ECJ was always going to be used for spare parts for the other Jetstreams. ECI we may see fly again, but ECJ never will

  2. Most likely the Conair flights as they have taken those over from Air2There for Corrections Dept