11 December 2019

10 years old

Today is 3rd Level New Zealand's 10th birthday...

Some 10 years ago someone asked me a question about a New Zealand airline and I couldn't remember the answer... it was this that led me to start this blog... 

Can I take those who supported me in doing this blog from the beginning, especially Mike Condon, Bruce Gavin, Dave Paull. Many other people have sent me photos, information and tips offs. I am grateful to you all. A special thanks to the airline operators who have given me updates on their airlines. Today's news is tomorrow's history so thanks for helping preserve this aspect of NZ aviation history. And for those who have sent acknowledgements to me, a big thanks... I've almost pulled the plug a couple of times but here we are 10 years later 

And looking back 10 years ago the first blog was about the unlikelihood of Air New Zealand offering more flights to Masterton as reposted below... 

More Masterton Flights Unlikely

Source : http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/3150799/Eagle-call-unlikely-to-succeed

A call for more daily flights out of Masterton looks unlikely for now, Air New Zealand subsidiary Eagle Air says. The airline has been flying six days a week return from Masterton to Auckland since February. Bookings on the 19-seater have been "solid", but Masterton Mayor Garry Daniell wants to see a daily link to Christchurch added and a second, later return flight to Auckland. The current flight suited local business people, but made it difficult for others catching overseas flights, he said. More flights would also make it easier to book large parties for tourism activities. The solution was not simply putting on a bigger plane because the aerodrome could not handle it, Mr Daniell said. Destination Wairarapa chief executive Peter Wilson said the plane was often "packed" and had one of the highest loadings in the country. Apart from business people, the flight was being used by locals who would invite friends to fly in and then go to a show in Wellington, Mr Wilson said. But more seats would be a boon to the tourism sector, he said. "The great thing about that link is it does put us on the map quite literally, with Air New Zealand." Eagle Air general manager Carrie Hurihanganui said the call had been taken on board, but passenger loads and demand were "still settling".


  1. Well done Steve. Really appreciate all your efforts. 3rd level is always one of my first "go to" websites for keeping up to date :)

  2. One of my favorite things to do on this site is check out stuff from 2010/2011 and get a little recent nostalgia kick. Keep it up man!

  3. Great blog, keep it up!