17 December 2019

NZ's Southern Most Air Service - Part 1 - WK153 to Stewart Island

Yesterday (16 December 2019) I took the opportunity to do a quick trip to Stewart Island on Stewart Island Flights. I had flown on Stewart Island Flights' predecessor, Southern Air, but this was the first time I had flown on Stewart Island Flights which is the trading name for Southeast Air Ltd.

I was the only passenger on flight WK153 to the island but at 10.00am this was the fourth flight of the day and the return flight was going to be full! Pilot in command was Cameron Pringle who has been flying the Foveaux Strait run for over year now. The service runs VFR and so the pilots really get to know the vagaries of the weather in these parts of the world. The flight to Ryan's Creek airfield is only 74 km and Stewart Island Flights uses two Britten Norman Islanders to operate the service as well as transfers to the western beaches. A Cessna 185 and Piper Cherokee 6 are used for beach work and occasionally services to Ryan's Creek.

The front office of BN Islander ZK-FWZ

Rolling 04 Invercargill 
New River Estuary

Setting track south

Heading towards the the Three Sisters

Bluff and Bluff Hill

The New RIver Estuary meets the sea

Barracouta Point

Stewart Island across Foveaux Strait

Titi - The Muttonbird Islands

Horseshoe Bay on the left

Oban - the settlement on Stewart Island

Ryan's Creek Airfield

And a smart turn around

BN Islander ZK-FWZ... my southbound ride

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