22 December 2019

Taupo fly in... or rather Fly My Sky in

Ever have that need to know, "What is that flying overhead???" That was this morning when I heard something fly over Hamilton... and then something else... After a quick look at Flightaware it turned out to be a formation of two Fly My Sky Islanders heading to Taupo...

And it seems Fly My Sky wasn't the only one flying south from Auckland to Taupo

A quick text to Fraser who went out to check out what was there... ISLAND 1 Oscar in the form of ZK-EVO

And a throw back to pre-Fly My Sky days - Mountain Air ZK-DOV

Home to mother - ISLAND 4 Zulu - ZK-PIZ arrives

Beech Bonanza ZK-NAZ taxis out

Looks like they had passengers bound for Auckland...

Thanks Fraser... epic photos!

Meanwhile, have they flown to Matamata on their Hobbiton flights yet???

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