15 January 2020

Photo help on Kiwi

I am working on a post of Kiwi International Airlines...

I am after photos after the following aircraft if you can help...

Boeing 727     N805EA        

Boeing 757     G-OOOU      

Boeing 737-400     C2-RN10      
This aircraft was in full Air Nauru colours but I would like it with the top Kiwi logo by the forward passenger door. 

Airbus 320     S7-RGX   

If you can help can you please email me at westland831@gmail.com

Thanks, Steve

1 comment:

  1. I took that pic NZHN Hamilton. Wow - I'd long since forgotten about it. Some kind of fly-in open day at the airport, if I recall and I'd come down with some mates from Auckland on a train. The Nauru aircraft was purely there for commercial reasons.