21 January 2020

Two more Airbus 320s and runway resurfacing

Before I came to Norfolk Island I only had one of Air New Zealand's new Airbus 320s, ZK-NHB... In previous post you can ZK-NHD and then in the last few days I have taken a couple more

Airbus 320 ZK-NHA at Norfolk Island on 19 January 2020

Airbus 320 ZK-NHC at Norfolk Island on 20 January 2020

Behind the two Airbuses is Mt Pitt, the second highest point on Norfolk.... the higher point by 2 metres is Mount Bates - it is above the tail of ZK-NHA

Norfolk Island International Airport

This ship is currently is at Norfolk delivering 26,000 tonnes of material for the resurfacing of the runway with another ship due this week 

The tug and barge unloads the ship... there is something like 33,000 truck movements to move the material to the airport

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