16 March 2020

NZ8837 from Hokitika to Christchurch

NZ8837 from Hokitika to Christchurch on 13 March 2020

Ready for start

Hokitika tarmac

The new Hokitika motor camp/holiday park

The racecourse... no longer operating thanks to the racing reforms

Westland Milk Products 

Looking up the Hokitika River

Mahinapua Creek looking south to Lake Mahinapua

Interesting on departure... the Metro and Beech used to turn straight for Christchurch - the Q300 like the Friendship climbs out to sea. The Arahura River mouth

Climbing over the airport and the town

Looking north to Greymouth

Blue Spur and the Westland rain radar

 Kapitea and Kumara Reservoirs in the distance

Not sure what peak this is peeking through the clouds

Mt Rolleston

Arthurs Pass and Temple Basin skifield

Arthurs Pass 

Looking down the Waimakariri River Cora Lynn on the left side of the river


Lake Sarah (rear) and Lake Grasmere (front)

Lake Hawdon and Craigieburn

The Esk River joining the Waimakariri

Lees Valley


The changing landscape of the Plains from dairy and irrigation

West Melton airfield

A better shot of MVM which was in Hokitika earlier in the day

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