20 March 2020

Uncertain times, Isolation and Lock Down

This is a big shout out to those who work for our airlines and those who own our airlines... These are really uncertain times for you and I am sure I speak for all readers of 3rd Level New Zealand that our thoughts and or prayers are with you as work situations and decisions evolve.

The sooner we as a community come together and self-isolate the sooner this covid-19 threat will be over. It is, however, going to be a long journey and there will be, I'm sure, a time of lock down. One of the heartening things I'm pick up is that this causes people to become more aware of the needs of others.

Obviously there will be little news and photos to post, but perhaps if people are self-isolating or are forced to lock down they might have time to write something about their NZ airline storues or experiences or some photos that they might be willing to share on this blog. I'm sure other readers of this blog will be interested and they will be appreciated by those forced to self-isolate or if we are locked down.

Kia kaha... as a community will get through this

Steve westland831@gmail.com

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