29 September 2020

Air Chathams Announces Frequent Flyer Programme


Introducing Green Miles, Air Chathams' frequent flyer programme. In their latest mailout the airline has announced that all flights and ticket classes are eligible to earn Green Miles, including their cheapest 'Thrifty’ fares. The higher the value of the fare purchased the more miles can be earned. Customers can create their own personal account for free via the Air Chathams' website. Once signed up, a customer logs into their customer profile online allowing them to view their current number of miles accumulated, and book directly on to flights paying with cash or miles. The number of miles for redemption is based on the distance in nautical miles between airports. For example, if a customer accumulates 120 miles then they can fly for free from Auckland to Whakatane Airport. Air Chathams have also added a feature where customers can retrospectively claim for miles on previous Air Chathams flights (must be within 30 days after flight completed)

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