14 September 2020

En Route to NZ - Our First Cessna Grand Caravan EX


Posted on Glenorchy Air's Facebook page is news of the ferry flight of their new Cessna Grand Caravan EX...

Earlier this year, Cessna built us a brand new and state-of-the-art Grand Caravan EX to join our modern fleet here in Queenstown. She was due to depart California, USA in March, but due to unforeseen circumstances and Covid restrictions, she’s been waiting in Merced, California.

But today is the day! This morning, she and her crew of ferry pilots departed the West Coast to travel 10,000+ kms to Auckland, with refuelling stops in Hawaii and American Samoa.

Stay tuned (https://www.facebook.com/glenorchyair/) for more updates on the arrival of ZK-MMZ.

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