22 September 2020

Ardmore Twins

Thanks to Alex for these photos he sent through recently... One wonders if we will ever see a Navajo or Chieftain operating an air service in New Zealand again???

Ex air2there Piper Navajo ZK-WHW at Ardmore on 16 September 2020


Ex Air Nelson Piper Chieftain ZK-NSP at Ardmore on 16 September 2020

Coral Sun Airways Beech Super King Air P2-ALC at Ardmore on 16 September 2020


  1. I have fond memories of flying between Gisborne and Napier (and vice-versa) many times in PA-31 Chieftain aircraft operated by Eagle Air (or was it Air Eagle back then?) and East Air. With East Air, you even got inflight refreshments.

  2. With regards to that guy who wants to "bring the birds home" would something like ZK-NSP be regarded as some what important to NZs aviation history??? NSP is certainly not in the same league as a DC10 or a 747 but still some history behind her.

    1. I certainly would! That bird certainly has come history behind her!