23 February 2021

Hamilton Fog

Monday the 22nd of February 2021 was a beautiful morning at my place and when I saw Air Chathams were bringing a Saab in I rushed out to the airport....

Conditions were not so flash at the airport...

However, Originair's morning flight to Palmerston North got away on time operated by BAe Jetstream 32 ZK-JSK... Does anyone know why Originair boards from the upstairs level passing through the old international terminal??? Kiwi Regional used to do the same. 

Meanwhile, circling to the north was AIr New Zealand's ATR 72 ZK-MVL operating the morning flight from Wellington... it finally got in about 25 minutes late due to the fog

 And as for Air Chathams' Saab... I couldn't wait. It was due, according to Flightaware at 8.15am but eventually arrived at 9.00am. It then flew to Palmerston North and Queenstown before retuning direct to Auckland

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