16 February 2021

Just one of those days...

Some Air Chathams' spotting at Auckland on 13 February 2021, but it looks as if it was just one of those days...

The afternoon flight to Whakatane took off with Fairchild Metro 23 ZK-POF operating the service...

A few minutes later it was back...

And then towed to the hangar

The Whakatane service had departed after the arrival of the late running flight from the Chatham Islands... I wonder if someone was transhipping... CIE's late arrival meant a late departure of 3C 571 to Tauranga and the Chathams operated by Convair 580 ZK-CIE

Meanwhile Fairchild Metroliner III ZK-CIC was brought down to the terminal to operate the service to Whakatane... a case of just one of those days


  1. Hi Steve, Just wondering, shouldn't that read Whakatane rather than Tauranga for 3C571? I thought their TRG visits were only made by charter flights and the DC-3.

  2. Hi Peter... The normal AKL-CHT flight is 3C 591... 571 did operate AKL-TRG-CHT... must have been a tour group from TRG - has happened before

  3. On a quick first glance.. Who else thought they saw a Air Nelson/Eagle Air Metro/SAAB 340 of the 90s link era

  4. Or even an Irish version of Mount Cook Airlines HS748 in that distinctive climb out profile