15 February 2021

Saturday Freighters at Auckland

Saturday offers some good spotting opportunities for the freighters operating through Auckland. It is also good for the trans-Tasman freighters operating during daylight. This was yesterday, 13 January 2021. Unfortunately I missed the Polar Air Boeing 747 which was rotating as I rolled into the carpark

Airwork's Boeing 737-400 ZK-FXL arriving with AWK80 from Christchurch. The aircraft then did a return service to Melbourne before heading back to Christchurch

Parcelair's Boeing 737-400 ZK-PAT was on maintenance and did a quick taxi around the block

Operating for Airwork, Olympus Airways Boeing 757-200 SX-APX climbing rapidly operating AWK 1 to Sydney

Tasman Cargo Airlines' Boeing 767-300 VH-EXZ operating HJ 1 from Sydney

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