05 February 2021

Look for another J32 in Originair colours


Two months later Stuff is catching up on what was on this blog in early December... https://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2020/12/great-news-from-originair.html

I am still wondering where the 3rd J32 will come from - ECI, ECJ or another from Iceland??? 

I would also question the comment on low demand for the Q300 flights between Hamilton and Palmerston North... that was never my observation or what Air NZ staff at Hamilton were saying.

Originair is increasing its regional flights, flying between Nelson, Palmerston North and Hamilton daily after purchasing a third aircraft. The Nelson-based carrier began flying between Hamilton to Palmerston North last October, after Air New Zealand withdrew its services on the route following the arrival of Covid-19. It resumed services to all 20 of the ports on its domestic network in June, but not the Hamilton to Palmerston North route, because of low demand for its 50-seater Q300 aircraft flying the service. Originair CEO Robert Inglis​ said “a double daily peak time schedule is planned” but Covid-19 had delayed the introduction of its third aircraft, another Jetstream 32EP. The airline has operated a reduced schedule through the holiday period, which will increase from February 14 with the reintroduction of daily services from Nelson to Palmerston North, Hamilton and return. The addition of the third aircraft means the Hamilton and Palmerston North service will become daily and Originair hopes to introduce these additional peak time flights during April. A direct flight from Hamilton to Nelson on Friday nights, with a return service on Sunday afternoons will enable travellers to spend the weekend in Nelson. Weekday flights from Nelson to Hamilton and vice versa will make a brief stop in Palmerston North. Inglis said the support received for the routes was appreciated and it was hoped that as the flight schedule increased, travellers would be provided with better travel options

Source : https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/destinations/nz/124157591/originair-to-increase-services-after-purchase-of-third-aircraft


  1. Hi Steve,
    I thought they had 3 already with JSH. It might be under heavy maintenance and will be back in service shortly.

  2. They have two Jetstreams flying... JSH (their original machine) and JSK (from Iceland). ECI was operated by Originair and was in their full colours - these have now been stripped off. It was all tied up with air2there. It has been registered to Originair along with ECJ. Both these were Inflite Charter machines. To the best of my knowledge (which is limited) neither are currently having work done on them to get them airborne. Some of the PPQ spotters might have more info as that is where both are parked

    1. Interesting perhaps they are older examples and might have formation issues.

    2. I meant to say corrosion.

  3. Speaking of Inflight...
    Now that's a write up you should to Steve... branch of just a little into the corporate, medical and major scenic aviation companys in New Zealand.
    Inflite charters the rise and fall of a corporate airline company.. Had a couple of options falled into place for them when Eagle air wings were clipped..
    They could have, potentially been operating the Kaitaia route? Along with a handful of others.
    You might even get to be an endorser.... A freebie or two...
    You can kiss goodbye to the casual feeling of the koru club pass and manually booking online through 'grabaseat'.. "welcome to the koru club... feel free to the compliment tea and coffe..."
    No no no Steve... It will be more like...
    "Sir your personal limo will pick you up from your house... Is it Hamilton direct to Hokitika?, would you like to fly the citation or our brand new Dassault falcon x...."
    "Welcome abroad Steve... your choice of the finest caviar from the purest Siberian along with a selection of cigars and cigarettes and the world's finest single malts sir" "you can sit I'm the co-pilots seat or in the luxury leather chairs.

  4. Ecj is going to be the third jetstream