26 April 2021

At 75-ville

Operating Air New Zealand flight NZ8836 into Hokitika on 26 March 2021 was Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEU 


The Hokitika terminal was literally jam packed and to it is goo the terminal is being extended as part of the Government's shovel ready projects

Nothing to photograph but it wouldn't be passible... OSH gone mad!


  1. Just on sunset before the rain returned

  2. There's 1 more aircraft then i've seen outside at Hokitika on my only 2 visits. One day i'll see something moving there!

  3. Ah the good old OSH now known as Work safe NZ....
    A year before I left the council... We had to fence of 'with cones', the trailer, the vehicle and the garden we were weeding for five minutes in... Just in case someone "walked into" the massive trailer or work van... or our hand held weeding tools and took the council to court over their negligence....
    We as mowers during the winter pruning work...
    We also had to write a full work safe report plan before even thinking about limbing of a knee high branch that was anything over the diameter of your thumb and pointer finger and making sure that we would be wearing a hard hat...
    I mean....
    The very real and serious threat of a knee high branch falling on your head and taking a three week 'holiday' on ACC is a threat WSNZ takes very seriously.

  4. I flew into Hokitika via Air New Zealand the day Bert Mercer's daughter unveiled a plaque in the terminal building on Friday, 18th December 2009 as part of the 75th anniversary celebrations of the start of scheduled airline services in New Zealand. I managed to get a flight in de Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly ZK-AYR, piloted by Jerry Chisum and DH.83 Fox Moth ZK-ADI, piloted by Ryan Southam at Hokitika before driving down to Haast for the weekend in a rental car. The weekend got rained out but it was still a great event with the icing on the cake being those two flights out of Hokitika at the beginning of the weekend.