18 April 2021

Ex Kiwi

Thanks to our American correspondent who like his photo has moved to the USU. Boeing 737-3B7 N383TR was previously ZK-TLA. It was registered to Airwork Holdings Ltd  on 23 April 2007 and was operated in Australia for Toll Priority. It was cancelled from the New Zealand register on 07 June 2019 and was exported to the USA where it was registered to Interjet of Toledo Ohio as N933NZ on 18 June 2019. On 2 July 2020 it was reregistered as N383TR with Career Aviation Company of Wilmington, Delaware.

Boeing 737-300, ex ZK-TLA, now N383TR at 11 March 2021 at Fort Worth Alliance Airport

This got me thinking what Boeing 737s Airwork have operated... Have I missed any? NB two have used the rego ZK-TLB

ZK-FXJ Boeing 737-36E c/n 25264
ZK-FXK Boeing 737-36E c/n 25256
ZK-FXL Boeing 737-4D7 c/n 28702
ZK-JTQ Boeing 737-476 c/n 24442
ZK-PAK Boeing 737-476 c/n 24444
ZK-PAQ Boeing 737-476 c/n 24443
ZK-PAT Boeing 737-4Y0 c/n 24683
ZK-PAU Boeing 737-4Q8 c/n 25371
ZK-TLJ Boeing 737-476 c/n 24432
ZK-TLK Boeing 737-476 c/n 24434
ZK-TLL Boeing 737-484 c/n 25362
ZK-TLM Boeing 737-42C c/n 24813

Previously Operated
ZK-FDM Boeing 737-3M8 c/n 25016
ZK-FXT Boeing 737-3B7    c/n 23862
ZK-NQC Boeing 737-219C c/n 22994
ZK-PLU Boeing 737-33A c/n 24094
ZK-SLA Boeing 737-377 c/n 23653
ZK-TLA Boeing 737-3B7 c/n 23383
ZK-TLB Boeing 737-3Q4 c/n 24209
ZK-TLB Boeing 737-3Q8 c/n 26310
ZK-TLC Boeing 737-3B7 c/n 23705
ZK-TLD Boeing 737-3B7 c/n 23706
ZK-TLE Boeing 737-3S1 c/n 24834
ZK-TLF Boeing 737-4Q8 c/n 24709


  1. What a long list of 737s they have some now long gone

  2. Thanks 2 Ray, 2 more added, ZK-JTQ and ZK-PLU

  3. Anyone know what is going on with PAQ she haven't been flying at all