29 April 2021

The West Coast's third airline

As I noted yesterday there are three airlines operating regular services to the West Coast... A few days ago I featured Air New Zealand's service to Hokitika... Yesterday I was at Westport and captured Sounds Air's flight S8 903 arriving from Wellington... and today I made my first visit to Karamea and was delighted to capture Golden Bay Air who operate non-scheduled services between Karamea and Takaka (with connections to and from Wellington) and Nelson (with connections to Air New Zealand services).

Golden Bay Air's major workhorse Gippsland GA-8 Airvan ZK-ZUG at Karamea on 29 April 2021

Karamea terminal facilities

A charter group about to depart on ZK-ZUG

Golden Bay Air's Edward closing up for departure

See you later Edward

My sister said... "why have you got three photos the same?" I like a slightly forward shot, nice shot of the wave good bye, and I like being able to read all the titles... the titles need to moved slightly rear to a nice side on shot has all the titles visible.

Thanks to a very patient brother-in-law we called into Karamea airport again after doing the Oparara Arches and I was delighted to see Helicopter Charter Karamea's Bell Longranger ZK-HKE

A couple of trampers were waiting for a flight and a few minutes later Mit arrived in Adventure Flights Golden Bay's Cessna 185 ZK-MIT.

While in Karamea I met Air Charter Karamea's Sam... He's taking a break from operating in these Covid days but look for the Beaver being seen around later. 


  1. I would have to say that I am not the biggest fan of the GA-8... Looks very much like the ugly duckling when you compare it to the similar but impressive lines of the C-208.
    What are they like the GA-8 regarding a airliner operations. They must be like the SsangYong vs Hilux of the aviation world... Not great looking but a cheaper but practical alternative to the vastly expensive....

  2. Perfect machine for the likes of GBA Fraser - Rugged and ideal for the work they use it for... Roomy, economical, good views.

  3. Cheers for that mate.
    I figured that it would be that type of aircraft perfect for the likes of GBA, one of those operates out of Queenstown, Salt air and the like. Nothing like the C-208 but for their budget's the GA-8 is all they need.

    Ha... Never noticed those huge windows until now... I kinda get a comical view of Mater 'the tow truck' from the Cars movie....

    Those first two photos on that slight head on angle of it rolling out and departing above the fence gives it some reprieve!!!

    Maybe I'm just jealous as it has been almost two years since my last aeroplane ride

  4. As ugly as it is, the GA8's practically an ag plane with a passenger compartment. Salt Air flies them to the private Cape Reinga airstrip which I believe once served for ag planes.

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