16 April 2021

Returning to Normal

Local travel consultants and airline operators are excited to see some sense of normality restored after the Government confirmed the transtasman bubble was opening... Chief operating officer Duane Emeny said the bubble was great news for the industry. "It's excellent news. We have been hanging out for this news. It is so crucial to our recovery." Emeny said the timing of the bubble was appropriate and a vast amount of work had gone in to ensure It operated safely. "Every single risk of possible transmission of the virus was meticulously looked at." Air Chathams has had its three biggest days of sales this week since early 2020, before Covid-19 hit the country. "We have definitely seen a lot of interest which is great." Emeny said Air Chathams would be slowly building up its services over the coming months. In May, Air Chathams are looking to add more flights on Fridays to help link with flights leaving to Australia. In August, Emeny said it planned on expanding Whanganui's flight schedule. Currently at 24 flights a week, Air Chathams will return to 36 flights by August, the number it was pre-Covid. "For us, it's so important we get that local support. We have been in Whanganui for the last five years and we aren't going anywhere. Whanganui has always been supportive and we look for that to continue." 

Source : Whanganui Chronicle, 10 April 2021

Checking the Air Chathams' website their schedule seems to be back to "normal" from 2 August with 3 weekday flights to Whanganui and Whakatane and 2 weekday flights to Paraparaumu

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  1. Good to see things are returning normal for Chathams