13 May 2021

Air Napier Offering Jet Charters

Air Napier is now offering jet charters using a Cessna 510 Citation Mustang for domestic travel. The company's advertising states, At HIGH Speeds of 600km/h - You enjoy shorter journey times. The Citation Mustang sits 4-5 passengers. Enjoy your privacy without queues for boarding or luggage. With the Mustang jet you can fly Napier to Gisborne in 21 minutes; Wellington in 36 minutes; Christchurch in 72 minutes; New Plymouth in 36 minutes; Taupo in 24 minutes; Auckland in 45 minutes; Queenstown in 114 minutes; Nelson in 48 minutes; Blenheim in 45 minutes; Hamilton in 35 minutes.

I am guessing the aircraft being used is Hastings-based ZK-LCA as the other two Mustangs on the register, ZK-VXM and ZK-YDZ are both registered to another Napier based operator, Skyline Aviation. 


  1. Put your name in yet Steve....??? Got your ticket booked for your next Hamilton getaway to Napier or a jump seat ride up to Gissy and back?
    Probably one thing you haven't ticked of yet... A private jet flight

  2. LOL... You are correct... I have never flown in a biz jet