27 May 2021

Wellington Airvans

Full flights from Wellington to Hamilton meant a five hour wait until my flight to Westport... It gave me an opportunity to walk to the other side of the airfield and down to the southern end of the runway... A biting wind but worth it for what I was chasing...

Air Kaikoura's passenger service between Kaikoura and Wellington now operates only on demand. However, Air Kaikoura has found new passengers and is flying crayfish from Kaikoura to Wellington. Up to two flights a day are being operated. Air Kaikoura's Gippsland GA8 Airvan ZK-ORC departs Wellington for Kaikoura on 27 May 2021.


After hardly seeing ZUG for ages I've seen it four times in the last month. It is seen arriving in Wellington on 27 May 2021 from Takaka

The day had turning gloomy by the time it was ready to depart for Takaka


  1. Just missing PEL for the set of operators of AirVans in to WLG!

  2. You're right Jordan... I could see it parked in behind the Warehouse!

  3. You didn't happen to get ZK-MZD operating NZ5356 from Christchurch, did you? I was in the jumpseat.

  4. Sorry Nathan... Was only after the Airvans... Only other photo I took was a Caravan!