31 May 2021

S8 906 to Wellington


Continuing on my post on my recent Sounds Air flight to Westport I had my return flight to Wellington on Friday evening...

Sounds Air's Pilatus PC12 ZK-PLT arrives in Westport with S8 903 from Wellington on 28 May 2021

Sounds Air's check-in... service plus. A late passenger was given a phone to find out how far away he was.

Front seat 🙂

PLT's front office

Now boarding

Westport traffic, Sounds Air 906, PC12, taxi and back tracks 04

Rock work protection at the end of runway 04

Westport traffic, Sounds Air 906 rolls 04

Westport and the Buller River

The last time I flew with Chad he was on the Caravan... he's been with Sounds Air for four years... Westport airport slipping past below

Passing Cape Foulwind and setting heading at 5000ft

and at 21,000 ft

In the distance - the Kaikoura range

Cape Campbell, Lake Grassmere and Clifford Bay

On the approach to Wellington 

Somehere, 5 miles ahead, was Sounds Air 805 from Taupo. 

In between the landing of the Taupo and Westport PC12s and Airbus departs... Wheels down, flaps down, the PC12 slows right down... Sounds Air and Air Traffic Control have a great relationship... ATC know what the PC12 can do and this makes ease of managing flights in and out of Wellington

Short finals for 34

Thanks Chad and Sounds Air for another great flight


  1. nice photos, looks like she needs a clean

  2. ^
    It is the Taupo plane after all (all of that geo thermal goodness that goes with it you know) and on top of that.. it has been going to and from the tropical, dry and sunny Westport 😂😂