08 May 2021

The Mangaweka DC-3 - Fingers crossed this is not the end

With the move of the Mangaweka Douglas DC-3 ZK-APK to Shannon for restoration, hopefully (https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300301138/future-of-mangawekas-iconic-plane-up-in-the-air), I decided to pull out the photos I've taken of APK over the years...

At Palmerston North on 21 August 1983 - no longer being used by Fieldair

Again at Palmerston North on 20 May 1985

Enjoying the Mangaweka sun on 26 May 1988

and enduring the Mangaweka rain on 23 November 2010



  1. what about when it was painted in cookie time colors. remember it as a cafe as a teenager going there

  2. I'm sure I have a photo somewhere when it was painted in the cookie time colors. My wife and I had just recently been talking about stopping there for a coffee on our way to see family in Palmerston North, before we moved to Australia in 2003. I was somewhat surprised to come across the fact that it has now gone. I still have one thing left on my bucket list to do and that is to fly on Air Chathams DC3. Unfortunately Covid has become a bit of a stumbling block trying to get back across the ditch.