24 October 2022

Barrier Air @ the Barrier on Saturday

On the Saturday morning of Labour weekend, the 22nd of Cotober 2022, Barrier Air's Cessna 208B Grand Caravans ZK-SDB and ZK-SDE were operating into Great Barrier Island's Claris airport while ZK-SDC and ZK-SDG were parked up. 

ZK-SDB back tracking to the terminal after arriving from Auckland

ZK-SDB on the taxi to the terminal

ZK-SDB in front of the terminal

ZK-SDB on the left and ZK-SDG on the right

ZK-SDC was parked up

ZK-SDC again

ZK-SDE between flights from and to Auckland

The newest Grand Caravan, ZK-SDG was parked up 

ZK-SDG again

ZK-SDB boarding with ZK-SDG behind

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