25 October 2022

Flying Back to Waiheke Island


My return flight from Great Barrier Island to Waiheke Island on 22 October 2022.

Cessna 172 Zk-RNX enjoying the Great Barrier Island sun before the flight back to Waiheke Island

Pilot for the day, Jacob Taylor

Back tracking for Runway 10

Rolling Runway 10

Three Caravans on the tarmac

Kaitoke Beach in the foreground with Medlands Beach behind

Medlands Beach

Departing Great Barrier Island

Departing Great Barrier Island - Schooner Bay

Departing Great Barrier Island - Shag Point

Coromandel Peninsula coming up

Port Jackson again

Channel Island

Port Jackson

Cape Colville

Cape Colville

Waiheke Island in the distance, New Zealand's third most populated island

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island

Approaching Onetangi Beach

Rangitoto in the distance

The eastern end of Waiheke Island looking to Auckland in the distance

Onetangi Beach

Waiheke Island aerodrome

From front - Putiki Bay, Kennedy Point, Huruhi Bay, Park Point, Motuihe Island and Rangitoto

Waiheke Island aerodrome

Awaawaroa Bay

Tamaki Strait

Looking towards Auckland

Rocky Bay

Turning base on Runway 35

Back tracking to the hangar

Cessna 172 ZK-RNX back on Waiheke Island awaiting its next flight... and then the call came and Jacob and RNX were off to pick up there next load of passengers to Waiheke

A big thanks to Chris Sattler and Jacob Taylor for a great day of flying.
I look forward to seeing the Islander in operation


  1. Great photos Steve. A perfect day for your flight. Glad you had a lovely relaxing day. Liz

  2. A great set of photos Steve. Thanks for sharing