08 October 2022

Jetting In and Out of Queenstown


Queenstown is set to get a permanent jet service. Skyline Aviation, along with Jet Charters New Zealand and the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service, announced in a statement yesterday it was establishing a new company base in Queenstown where a Cessna C510 Mustang Jet (ZK-VXM) will operate. The Mustang jet is the first domestic lightweight jet available permanently for use into, and out of, Queenstown Airport, and has both private charter and Air Ambulance capabilities. The aeroplane has been operating out of Napier Airport since its purchase in 2017. Skyline Aviation chief executive Annabel Toogood said the decision to base a jet out of the resort was because of demand. "Charter demand for tourism and business travel is strong. With the jet’s dual capability, as a charter aircraft and fully certified air ambulance, we see it as being a great asset for the region," she said. The aeroplane can land in places as close as Wanaka and Alexandra and as far as Kerikeri in Northland. The Mustang Jet allows customers the ability to set their own schedule. Having discreet access to airports through private lounges, the jet service is an ideal option for business clientele day trips with quick turnaround. The Mustang offers a competitive charter solution for travellers to and from the region. The service also has a fully equipped air ambulance jet service, available with a New Zealand air ambulance flight nurse to fly patients to most airports in New Zealand. The aircraft is available for private air ambulance hire, relocating family members from rest homes, ski accidents and for those unable to cope with commercial travel. The Queenstown-based jet is part of a fleet of certified air ambulances and will provide backup services throughout the country and various contracts. At this stage there are not flight teams on standby in Queenstown full-time, but flight teams will be available on a pre-booked basis. NZAAS and Skyline Aviation hold the Te Whatu Ora southern fixed-wing air ambulance contract based out of Dunedin. A pressurised cabin allows the aircraft to climb above the weather, at a speed of up to 610kmh making it comfortable for passengers and patients. The service started late last month.

Source : https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/queenstown/permanent-jet-service-queenstown

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